premises-1Premise liability laws hold owners of both private and public properties legally responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur on their premises. This includes slip and fall accidents in the grocery store or on a public sidewalk. This also includes swimming pool accidents, amusement park accidents, defective fixtures, and even inadequate security at an event.

By law, property owners must be able to maintain their premises in such a way that visitors are not hurt or injured. Amusement parks must regularly inspect and maintain their rides, government entities must maintain public structures, and homeowners must place fences around their swimming pools.

The failure to keep their properties free of such hazards may make them liable to any injured parties for premise liability damages. To file a personal injury claim, however, requires proof that the property owner was negligent in allowing such dangerous or hazardous condition to exist.

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Premises liability cases can be rather complex to prove in California and Nevada, as the plaintiff must first prove that the property owner owed the plaintiff a certain duty of care, that there was negligence involved or that the property owner breached this duty of care, and that this negligence or breach of duty resulted in injury.

For almost 30 years, our legal tem at The Seegmiller Law Firm has successfully helped thousands of clients with their premises liability claims. We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether or not you have a case against a negligent property owner, and will undercover the facts that surround the cause of the injury. If needed, we will hire the necessary investigators and reconstruction experts to determine the exact cause of the accident, as well as to identify all liable parties.

Our premises liability lawyers have the experience, knowledge and resources to win your case. We will work tirelessly to help you recover damages for medical bills, present and future lost wages, and even pain and suffering.

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If you sustain injuries while on the property of another person, the best thing to do is consult with an experienced premises liability attorney from The Seegmiller Law Firm right away. An attorney will be able to protect your best interests, and will help you to achieve the best outcome possible.

We offer our services on a contingency basis, which simply means that our services are available to you at no charge unless we acquire a settlement on your behalf. There’s no need to worry about upfront fees, filing expenses, or court fees. We only get paid when you do.

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